This is the entry screen before you start the game. Choose any level of difficulty then enter to start playing!



Before you start each stage, you're given the opportunity to select items to use during the stage.



The game has started! Tap on the bob when the red circle on the fish reaches the strike zone.

Try to tap right when the circle hits the bob for Perfect Combo!



As you tap on the fish with correct timing and increase your combo, your fever gauge will go up!

Be careful. if you miss a fish, your gauge will drop.



This is the Fever Mode! In this state, your gauge will not fall even when you miss your timing.

Try to get into Fever Mode as often as you can!



Last until the end of the time limit to win!



This is the final screen after clearing the game.

You will be able to see the types of fish you caught and your bonus rewards!



Item Effect
안전 장치.png Nullifies a "Miss" 1 time
고급 안전 장치.png Nullifies a "Miss" 3 times

더블 콤보.png

Add 20% to the Fever Gauge
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