This is the entry screen before you start the game. Choose any level of difficulty then enter to start playing!



Before you start each stage, you're given the opportunity to select items to use during the stage.



The game has started! Try to survive until the end of the time limit.

Tap on the fish to attack them before they attack you!



If you tap on the treasure chest, an item will pop out! Use the items wisely to help you clear the stage!



Here's an example of the "Lightning" item. Use it to zap all the fish in a large area!



Once you lower the fish's health bar all the way, the fish will disappear and your score will go up!



This is the almighty "Ruler's Emblem" item.

Using it will clear the current stage immediately, but you will receive less bonuses and gold.

Try to only use it in dire situations!



Here's the boss stage! Continue tapping on the boss when it's vulnerable to lower its health bar!



Defeat the boss and clear the level!



This is the final screen after clearing the game.

You will be able to see the types of fish you caught and your bonus rewards!


Item Effect
붉은산호.png Recover shield by 10%
푸른산호.png Recover shield by 25%
무지개산호.png Recover shield by 100%
무지개보석.png Take no damage for 10 seconds

Bring down a lightning bolt

to clear the way!

상어.png Call on a mighty shark for help!
기뢰(폭탄).png Wipe out all enemies on the screen

지배자의 문장(FA).png

Automatically clear the stage
파워업.png Become 5x stronger for 15 seconds
더블 골드 (FA).png Get double gold for the next fish



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